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Experienced, aggressive, specialized, and dedicated to helping people facing federal criminal charges get the fair treatment they deserve — the attorneys at Tim Bower Rodriguez, P.A. are tireless advocates for their clients.

This goes deeper than defense for us.

Your legal team at Tim Bower Rodriguez, P.A. will get to know every intimate detail of your case to craft your smartest federal defense strategy. We will keep you completely informed throughout the judicial process, so you know what is going on with your case every step of the way. You will have the full strength of our substantial knowledge and depth of experience powering your defense.

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If you are accused of a federal crime and would like to schedule a free initial consultation, contact Tim Bower Rodriguez online today for a federal case evaluation. As a successful federal criminal defense firm serving federal courts nationwide, with an emphasis on on federal courts in Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, and Puerto Rico, Tim Bower Rodriguez, P.A. is committed to protecting your rights.

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Why Hire Us?

The legal team at Tim Bower Rodriguez, P.A. is dedicated to the defense of people charged with serious federal crimes.

We specialize in federal criminal cases and no other area of law, and we are familiar with the magistrate and district court judges, federal prosecutors, and government law enforcement agencies involved in your case. At Tim Bower Rodriguez, P.A., you will find representation that stands apart from other law firms.

Our team:
  • • Understands the landscape of federal criminal cases.
  • • Includes bilingual investigators and staff to handle cases in Spanish or English.
  • • Includes consultants who are retired federal probation officers and federal agents.
  • • Develops a case strategy that maximizes your best outcome.
  • • Communicates the details of your case to you clearly.

Our experience, knowledge, and results set us apart. Request your free initial consultation today.

Federal Criminal Practice Areas

Federal Criminal Practice Areas