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How to Choose the Right Money Laundering Defense Attorney

Money laundering is a serious offense which can result in large fines and lengthy prison sentences if convicted. Money laundering cases are also incredibly complex, and may involve powerful state and federal agencies working with the local law enforcement and the district attorney. It is critical to choose the right defense attorney to represent you […]

What You Should Know About Asset Seizure

Most people understand that personal property can be seized if it is connected to a federal crime, but few people realize how easy it is for items to be taken and how difficult it is to get the property returned. Civil asset forfeiture has become an important part of how both local and federal governments […]

The Proliferation of Cell Phone Tracking Devices

Last week, we discussed the Fourth Circuit’s opinion that the warrantless procurement of cell site location information is a search that violates the Fourth Amendment. This week, we are looking at another method that law enforcement uses to determine cell phone location. Because this technology is relatively new and because many law enforcement officials refuse […]

Attorney General Holder Announces New Policy to Enhance Justice Department’s Commitment to Support Defendants’ Right to Counsel

Attorney General Eric Holder, along with Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, announced today that the Department of Justice will no longer ask criminal defendants who plead guilty to waive their right to bring future claims of ineffective assistance of counsel. The new policy bolsters the department’s commitment to ensuring that individuals are ably represented […]