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Federal Arrest Warrants: What It Means and What You Should Do

Finding yourself involved in a federal criminal process is a scary situation for anyone. Whether you’ve been arrested on a federal charge or you have been told a warrant will be issued for you, knowing what it means and how to protect yourself can alleviate confusion and ensure your rights are protected. What is a […]

What Makes a Drug Crime a Federal Offense?

Getting charged with an offense of any kind can be confusing and overwhelming. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that more than 1.8 million people were arrested in the U.S. in 2007 for drug crimes, with some of these going to federal court and some staying at the local level. With so many different laws […]

Understanding Your IRS Notice or Letter

Each year the IRS sends out millions of letters and notices to taxpayers. Many of these IRS notice letters are innocuous, while some can indicate a more complicated problem with your tax records like perceived income tax fraud. Receiving these letters can create anxiety and confusion regardless of the content of the notice. If you […]

What To Do If a Loved One Is Arrested For a Federal Offense

It’s something you never expect to happen, and something you hope you never have to experience. For those that find themselves faced in the situation of having a loved one arrested on a federal offense, it can be a scary and confusing time. The following can help you deal with this type of crisis and […]

What to Expect When Facing Federal Criminal Charges in Florida

Many people and attorneys are unfamiliar with the process of a federal criminal case filed by the United States Department of Justice. Finding the right attorney to defend you against federal charges can often feel daunting, since many attorneys focus primarily on state criminal defense work, which differs greatly from federal requirements. If you or […]

Negligence vs. Tax Fraud

The tax codes are a complex system of rules and regulations, so it is unsurprising that up to 17% of taxpayers make mistakes when filing their taxes, according to IRS reports. Usually, these mistakes are due to negligence. In other words, they are oversights or genuine errors. When a mistake is intentional and intended to […]

Federal Drug Crimes: Terms & Legal Jargon Explained

If you or a loved one are facing federal drug charges, you’ve probably found yourself in a confusing whirlwind of legal jargon and terms you’ve never heard before. This post will help clarify some of the charges and terms so you can have a better understanding of what you’re up against. Most federal drug charges stem from possession, […]

Charged with a Federal Offense? Here are 4 Things You Should Know

Below we offer general recommendations for an appropriate course of action for individuals who may be involved in a federal case. While this article offers guidelines for those arrested for a federal crime, it is not a substitute for the guidance of a lawyer who has knowledge of the specific details of the case in […]

Bipartisan Bill Would Protect Attorney-Client Privilege

HR 3864 is a bill that was introduced to the House of Representatives at the end of October. Introduced by a Democrat from New York and a Republican from Georgia, the bill would make it illegal for federal prosecutors – or any other person acting under the authority of the United States – to read […]

Federal Agency Offers Rewards and Protection for Information

As of the end of October, there had been 29 murders in Tampa this year. Detectives have made only 13 arrests, and in four particular cases have not been able to develop any meaningful leads. The Tampa Police Chief and the ATF’s Special Agent in Charge together have asked the community to come forward with […]

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